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Unique is never perfect

Meet The Maker         Chad Wright

I hold quite a few titles, a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a diesgner and a Maker, some would even consider me an artist based on some of my creations. I wouldn't take it that far though.

I've always had an interest in Natures creation, there is just so much uniqueness that it brings forth. The ability to be able to take whats created in nature and combine it with something man-made like steel and concrete is satisfying. The possibilities are endless.


100's of ideas, that is where it starts. Ideas formed into designs and those designs carved into art. I create a variety of items for your home and I'm constantly expanding the inventory. Makers Wright products are all Handmade in Greenville, SC 


Whether its custom furniture, home decor for your living space or your kitchen, a gift for a wedding, new home, or  holiday, whatever the special occasion may be at Maker's Wright I strive to deliver the best quality craftsmanship. All of our lumber is sourced from a variety of local mills and wood workers. 

Maker's Wright can also provide services for your commerical space or business, custom built tables, bar tops, and decor to help complete your own design. You can find our works in several establishments around the upstate from your local bars and restaurants to the coffee shop on the corner and your small mom and pop businesses.

I'm happy that I can take what I enjoy doing and share those ideas and designs with you. 

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